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Lynda Weinman's site on web design training, books, videos and tips. Offers online training library, multi user solutions, online store. Learn to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Creative Suite, Macromedia, Google, Excel and other Microsoft products, and many more.


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Coupon Tips is an online learning resource for various software packages offered by a wide range of retailers. The majority of their resources are in the form of video tutorials created by industry professionals with experience in whichever piece of software be reviewed. They currently offer three different membership plans, each with varying levels of cost and extras.

Regardless of the membership plan chosen, it is nice to save a little extra money each month with your membership. So before signing up, head over to to check out any current coupons and Lynda .com coupon codes. Simply type into the keyword search bar at the top of the website homepage to get a list of all currently available Lynda training promo codes, as well as any other discount or Lynda training promotion currently being run. From there, copy your Lynda training coupon code and go back to the website to sign up for the membership of your choice. Be sure that you select the appropriate membership if the coupon is restricted to certain memberships, and enter the code in when prompted during your checkout.

The basic membership offered to costumers is a simple $25 a month, which gets the costumer access to their entire library of training videos, all of which are streamed online. The next step up is a $250 annual membership, which saves the user $50 a year. The third option costs $375 per year, a full $75 more than the regular monthly membership, but it also comes with exclusive training files that allow the user to follow along with exactly what the instructor is doing in the video.